General Info
🚨Our official website is (we are using .com)
Please stay safe and remain vigilant.
Set forth on your adventure in a prosperous undersea Kingdom with Crab Strike NFTs!
Battle and earn rewards effortlessly in idle gameplay!πŸ™

Battle Game Guide

Crab Strike is the first fully decentralized Play-and-Earn Idle game that offers a fun and exciting experience with its diverse ecosystem and simplified game mechanics. Crab Strike's core gameplay includes activities such as Mining, Looting and Breeding using Crab Strike(NFT assets).


CST (CrabStrike)

CST is a governance token which is rewarded via staking, and playing the game during the incentive period.
Before the launch of the Idle game, CST can be initially obtained through a Community Bootstrap Event, or via DEX after the Community Bootstrap Event.
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